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Beardstown Image Gallery-Now and Then

Area students tour of the Old Lincoln Courtroom and Museum on 5/13/2010.
PANO opera house pic_thumb.JPG
View from the stage in the Beardstown Grand Opera House at 123 State St.
Beardstown flood photo lady in boat 1926_thumb.jpg
1926 Beardstown flood photo: lady in boat
Beardstwon Flood photo of princess from ebay_thumb.jpg
1922 Beardstown Flood photo of the Old Princess Theater 
One of the Beardstown Flood Photos in the Beardstown River Museum located in the Old Lincoln Courtroom and Museum.
A Paddle Wheel Boat in the Illinois River around the Beardstown Marina.
Beardstown old post office photo_thumb.jpg
A view of the Post Office and Main Street from many years ago.
scene of lincoln almanac trial beardstown.jpg
Scene of Illinois Lincoln Almanac Trial Beardstown, IL Postcard 
Parade Photo from the Beardstown River Museum_thumb.jpg
Parade Photo from the Beardstown River Museum
Beardstown Flood photos from the River Museum photo oldest photo_thumb.jpg
Sangamon and Wall Street Buildings During a Flood in the Early 1900's.
State Stree Flood photo 1922 crop_thumb.jpg
People in Row Boats on State Street in the 1922 Flood
Story of Breardstown_thumb.jpg
Story of Beardstown

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