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Leaf / Open Burning

Sec. 8-3. - Burning refuse.

No person shall burn garbage, offal, night soil, ashes or other refuse matter of any description at any time within the city limits.

(Ord. No. 79-34, § 14, 6-5-79)

Beardstown's Open Burning Ordinance / Restrictions

Residents who may be affected by smoke emanating from within the corporate limits of Beardstown, or whom are unsure of the source of the problem, are asked to call the Beardstown Police at (217) 323-3131 for problem resolution.  The landscape waste burning provisions of the Illinois Administrative Code are enforceable "on-sight" by authorized enforcement personnel; therefore, those residents who call to place complaints regarding such burning are not required to leave their names, sign formal complaints, or testify in court.

Questions regarding this information on open burning may be directed to the Beardstown Police Department at (217) 323-3131.

Many people are adversely affected by the smoke that is produced by open burning of garbage, and recyclable materials.

In essence, the Ordinance declares that the open burning of garbage, and recyclable materials is prohibited.  These open burning restrictions pertain only to outdoor fires and do not restrict fires in indoor fireplaces or stoves.

The Ordinance provides for "recreational fires" that are properly supervised, contained, and primarily used to cook food.  Additionally, "mason’s fires" (used for construction purposes) are also allowed by the Ordinance.

General questions regarding the Beardstown's Leaf/Branch Pick-Up program may be directed to the Public Works Department at (217) 323-4667.

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