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Street & Alley Committee Overview

Robert Burget (chair)
Sally Lael Gabe Seward Tom Penwarden

It shall be the duty of the street and alley committee to keep a close watch over the affairs of the streets, alleys, and sidewalks of the City of Beardstown. They shall take such steps as they deem necessary to keep the streets, alleys, and sidewalks of the said city in a good, passable and safe condition. They shall give directions from time to time to the director of public works, who shall follow the instructions so given. They shall recommend to the city council from time to time, when in their opinion it may be deemed necessary, such changes, repairs, and improvements as may be required upon the streets of the said city, but no improvements shall be made upon the streets or alleys, excepting ordinary and necessary repairs until the city council have ordered the same upon the recommendation of said committee. They shall see that all sidewalks are kept in good repair and in a passable condition and shall, from time to time, with the concurrence of the city council, order such improvements to be made and repairs performed upon sidewalks as in their opinion may be requisite or necessary. They shall have the authority to recommend to the city council old sidewalks be condemned and ordinary necessary repairs made and with the concurrence of the city council shall see to it that all walks that may be ordered to be repaired or changed, are so constructed, repaired or altered in accordance with the requirements of the city council and ordinances of the city. They may prepare a standard of grades and file a report to the mayor of the said city to be placed in the office of the city clerk,. This committee shall be involved in all negotiations of any labor contracts with city union workers.