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Finance Committee Overview

Ron Culves, (chair)
Sally Lael
Bob Burget
Tracey Price

(a)            The committee on finance of the city council shall from time to time examine the books, accounts, and reports of the city officers and see if they are regularly and accurately kept and preserved, and that the books and papers belonging to various departments and officers are secure from loss by fire or otherwise. They shall report to the city council any neglect or failure of any officer to keep and maintain his books and accounts properly and to preserve the papers pertaining to his office.


The finance committee shall at the close of each fiscal year and at such other times as the city council shall direct, examine, compare and audit the reports and accounts of all city officers that may in any way relate to finances of said city and shall report thereon to the city council.


The finance committee, working cooperatively with the mayor of the City of Beardstown, shall make each year during the months within which said report may be required by law, an estimate of the probable receipts and expenditures for municipal purposes for the ensuing year, and a table of appropriations to be recommended to the city council.


The committee on finance shall see to the borrowing of money, issuing of bonds, preparation of ordinances for the appropriations and levy of taxes, they shall make arrangements for the payment of debts maturing against the city if deemed necessary, the finance committee, with concurrence of the city council, may direct the city clerk to write and issue checks in lieu of expenditures which are provided for within the annual appropriation budget.