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Volunteer for Main Street
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Civic/Volunteer Organizations

What are the "Four Points" of the Main Street program?
 Design: To assist new or prespective business owners in the preservation and promotion of the historic aspects of the existing or new buildings in the district. Assist building owners through TIF and IHPA contacts to that end.
Promotion: Sells the image of downtown businesses, helps to reestablish the downtown as the center of social activity and excitement by bringing people downtown for shopping, work, investing and FUN s
Economic Restructuring: Enhance the downtown businesses and creates new business opportunities,, learn the districts current condition and identify new opportunities,
Organization: Promotes the program to the public, sells the Main Street philosophy, raises money and developes volunteers

"The four points (Design, Promotion, Economic Restructuring and Organization) provide a proven comprehensive method for downtown revitalization."

Volunteerism is encouraged

Beardstown Main Street is a new organization made up of volunteers, business and property owners, and interested citizens of the community. Who volunteer because they want to see Beardstown prosper. They want to represent the cross section of the areas people. We are a 501 C 3  not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the downtown district. Since we are a volunteer program we are always looking for new volunteers to help  with our projects and events. We do want you to help us out but we promise you this, when you work for us you are working to make your community better, you will have fun, you will be busy and we will make sure you will not be asked to work all day or at every event. Unless you want to. 
Should you want to work on any one of the four committees we would welcome your help there also. We will help you develope a degree of expertise in the area you chose be it Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotion or Organization.  

Beardstown Main Street is a Certified Illinois Main Street Program and follows the National Main Street Center's Four-Point Approach model, which is successful in communities across the U.S. The four points (Design, Promotion, Economic Restructuring and Organization) provide a proven comprehensive method for downtown revitalization. Our funding comes from both the public and private sectors, illustrating the importance of the downtown district to both areas.

Should you wish to become a volunteer or just want more information on Beardstown Main Street, Call or write
Beardstown Main Street
121 East 2nd Street
Beardstown, IL 62618
217-909-4228  Mobile 217-320-2288

Civic/Volunteer Organizations