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Business Incentives
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Business Incentives

BEARDSTOWN MAIN STREET kicks off the new “Beardstown Boost” business incubator project Thursday February 7th.

Local Main Street officials welcomed a large crowd at the public meeting as they tell the story of how people who want to start a small business in Beardstown can get the help they need to do so.

Beardstown Illinois February 4, 2013

Beardstown Main Street wants and urges anyone who has been planning or just dreaming about being in business to take advantage of the new Beardstown Boost Incubator program.
We have a plan were one or more small businesses can work together for the critical first year taking advantage of the expertise Main Street and their Beardstown Boost Task Force can and will give them. Anyone interested in learning how to share expenses on rent, advertising, utilities, gaining knowledge on how to develop a business plan and how to apply for and obtain grants, loans and rebates as well should plan to attend.

Information for anyone thinking about starting a new business in Beardstown or for someone who thinks maybe someday they can is available at the local Main Street office at 121 E. Second St..  That someday may be now.

The Beardstown Boost Task Force is comprised of volunteers from the following businesses listed in alphabetical order: Cass Communications, Cass County Star Gazette, The City of Beardstown , DeSollar Wessller Bros Agency, First National Bank of Beardstown, L. B. Sports Productions, Lincoln Land Community College, Myers & Myers CPA’s LTD, Wessel Law Office, West Central Bank and Western Illinois University.
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"Financial incentives may assist property owners and business owners in expanding or renovating. We want to encourage economic development wherever possible."

Beardstown Main Street is an organization that wants to promote business expansion and renovation of existing businesses and historic buildings. Although our major goal is to revitalize our historic downtown area, our program service area, we support Beardstown.

Financial incentives may assist property owners and business owners in expanding or renovating. We want to encourage economic development wherever possible. Generally, financial incentives fall into several categories. Grants, low interest loans, federal tax credits and local incentives. Since most of our downtown area is in a TIF district, grants are available, subject to restrictions and limits. Included within this grant program, a building renovation program is available. Also, a parking lot and sidewalk renovation program is available, subject to defined guidelines. Currently, low interest loans, are available through the State of Illinois Treasurer's office for historic structures, please check with the State Treasurer's office for details. Federal rehabilitative tax credits are available for historic structures. We encourage being registered on the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places. We also recommend that you consult with an experienced tax consultant or attorney for further details. We stand ready to assist you.

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