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Beardstown Boost’ to launch Small Business Incubator Project

After months of research and preparation, the Beardstown Main Street Small Business Incubator Project, entitled the ‘Beardstown Boost’, is gearing up for launch.
The kickoff of the project will be at a public meeting at the Golden Age Center in Beardstown on February 7 at 7pm.
There will be a short presentation from Beardstown Main Street’s Director of Economic Restructuring chair of the project Dustin Fritsche, followed be a question and answer session.
The ‘Beardstown Boost’ is an initiative with the purpose of helping aspiring business owners get his or her project off the ground. The incubator concept allows businesses that share a similar need of space and share some of the setup costs, such as rent, phone, and utilities that may otherwise be too costly for one business to bear. Beardstown Main Street provides support in terms of helping find and design space for the tenants, serving as a leasing agent, and providing a task force made up of a variety of experts. These experts, from the areas of law, finance, insurance, real estate, marketing, advertising, and higher education, among others, assist the tenants with free or reduced cost advice or services.
“We have had an excellent response from the Beardstown business community supporting this project by serving on the task force,” said Fritsche. “We are still seeking more members so in the event of several potential businesses coming forward, we do not overwhelm one task force member asking for a bunch of free or low cost information.”
Anyone interested in opening a business is encouraged to attend the meeting, fill out the initial application, and ask any questions. According to Beardstown Main Street President J.J. DeSollar, “If you are currently operating a business out of your home and have wondered how to take the next step or have wondered what all is involved in starting a business, it will be well worth your time to attend the meeting.”
The project has been in the works for a long time. The Beardstown Main Street board has been very careful in researching what makes incubators successful. “We really want this initiative to be a success, so we have taken small steps to give The ‘Beardstown Boost’ the best chance at succeeding,” said Fritsche.
Please plan to attend the meeting on February 7 at 7pm at the Golden Age Center.

Oh, yes, we can always use donations of cash, material or labor in our effort to beautify our downtown.” Money donated toward the beautification projects will be used only for beautification of the downtown. To donate and volunteer to help with these projects, call or write to the Beardstown Main Street office at 121 E. 2nd Street, Beardstown, IL 62618, telephone number 217-909-4228. Cell Phone number is 217-320-2288. Our Email address continues to be . Our web site is